1975   Company incorporated
1981   Member of Affiliated Company Association to Samsung Electronics
1983   Designated Company of rubber products for Army Supply
1984   "Promising Small & Medium Enterprise" by Industrial Bank of Korea
1987   "QUALITY" Grade Factory by the Government
1988   Established R & D Institute annexed to the company
1990    Designated as the Best Small & Medium Enterprise by Industrial Bank of Korea
1992   Obtained "Q" Mark from Korea Inspection Institute
1996   Sisterhood Relationship Ties with Kunpo-City
               ISO 9002 Certificate for Quality Compliance
               100PPM Quality Certificate
1997   Promising Small & Medium Enterprise by Kyonggi-Province
              Sisterhood Relationship Ties with Kyonggi-Province
1998   Venture Enterprise by the Office of Small & Medium Industry (Government)
2000   SQS-9000 Certificate for Quality Compliance by Samsung Electronics